Spiritual Living

Learn how to meditate and live a joyful, spiritual life in simple steps. 

Hey, I'm Nick

I’m so happy to have you here. This website is for you if you’re ready to learn how to meditate consistently, successfully, and independently.

I’m a certified meditation teacher, coach, blogger, and spiritual practitioner. As the years go by, inner peace becomes a greater reality in my life. 

But for years, I struggled with anxiety, restlessness, and anger. Things began to shift for me when I started meditating 10 years ago. I learnt how to accept myself, deal with my problems, and find solutions to life’s challenges. 

I’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to deepen their meditation and live a spiritual life in simple steps. I want to help you do the same.

Learn how to Meditate...


Learn how to meditate deeply through relaxation techniques and proper preparation.


Get motivated to sit every day instead of just now and again when you feel like you need it.


Stop battling through frustrating and restless meditations and learn to practice (and live) with joy.


Learn to meditate effectively so you know you are on the right track.


Live from a centre of inner peace and stop getting lost in worry, stress, and fear.


Stop depending on guided meditations and build your own independent practice.

What you can expect from me

Real Teacher

Knowledge of education grounded in 8 years of professional teaching experience.

Real Practice

Delivering the knowledge and experience to move from guided meditation towards independent practice.

Real Interaction

Not just a guided meditation or app but a genuine human connection built through videos, live lessons, and email.

Real Evidence

Teachings grounded in ancient, Yogic traditions and supported by modern scientific evidence.

Real Talk

Spiritual practices and ideas delivered in simple language with clarity and total honesty.

Real Structure

Detailed instructions for all stages of meditation: preparation, practice, peace and post-practice.

Start Meditating Today

What if you could meditate without frustration and mental restlessness? 

Learn my simple 4-step system for quieting the mind in meditation – without sifting through hours of confusing information online.   

Grab the complete resource library

This resource library contains all my free meditation goodies in one. You’ll get the meditation starter pace, spiritual practices, mindfulness exercises, gratitude checklist, poster of quotes and so much more.