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1-to-1 Meditation Sessions

Are you interested in private 1-to-1 meditation sessions via Skype? Private sessions will help you master the basics, understand the principles of meditation, and go deeper into your practice. 

We all need a little help

Welcome friend,

You know, there have been many times throughout my meditation journey where I felt lost, doubtful and frustrated. While meditation is a relatively simple skill, it does have its share of intricacies and challenges. In fact it can be infuriating at times!

There is so much information out there these days which makes it difficult to know exactly what to do and how to get the most out of our practice. We may not know if we are doing it right or if we are making any progress at all. A meditation teacher can be invaluable if we really want to improve our practice and feel more confident in our techniques.  

The biggest mistake I made was trying to do it alone. I meditated without support from teachers for about four years before I realized the importance of having someone to help me out. Now I have teachers who I speak to on a regular basis. 

I offer private meditation sessions via Skype for people who are ready to commit to meditation and make it a part of their daily life.

Private sessions are for you if...

  • You are just starting out and want to master the basics of meditation.
  • You are struggling to form a consistent meditation habit.
  • You have been meditating for some time but feel you are not getting the most out of your practice.
  • You feel you need some extra support to boost your practice.
  • You have challenges in meditation like drowsiness, discomfort, wandering thoughts, or restlessness.
  • You are ready to move beyond guided meditations to build your own real practice.
  • You are fed up with all the different types of meditation and just want to pick a simple method that you can go into deeply.

Options For Lessons

1-hour session for beginners

Beginner sessions are for you if you are new to meditation and want to have a good understanding of the fundamentals.  We’ll summarize the basic aspects, introduce you to some techniques, and get you started with a simple but powerful mantra. Guided meditation for 10-15 minutes.

1-hour session for intermediates

Intermediate sessions are for you if you have been meditating regularly for more than a year and want to boost your practice to the next level.  We can discuss how to improve your practice and make the necessary modifications to your meditation style. I will give you some additional techniques and support you however you need. Guided meditation for 10-15 minutes.

1-hour Spiritual Coaching

Coaching sessions are for you if you want to have a more informal chat about where you are right now and what next steps you can take to improve your life and your meditation practice. We can also discuss how you can set goals and make necessary changes in your life to find greater peace and happiness. 

6 x 1-hour (get 1 hour free)

If you want to rapidly accelerate your progress in meditation, this option offers a complete package of 6 sessions for the price of 5. You will have one lesson a week over 6 weeks. We’ll have a quick 10-minute chat first so we can get to know each other before you commit to anything.

Session 1: Introduction to meditation
What is it and why do we do it? Setting Goals.

Session 2: Preparation for meditation
Exploring relaxation and preparatory techniques.

Session 3: Practice of meditation
Exploring concentration techniques and the hong-sau mantra.

Session 4: Peace in meditation
 What to do after the techniques and how to make the most of your meditation.

Session 5: Post-practice
How to come out of meditation and how you can stay connected to your practice throughout the day.

Session 6: Next steps, review and questions
A review of the techniques, what you can do over the coming months, signs of spiritual progress, and more.

This is a broad outline and if you would like to diverge or discuss a topic you are interested in, we can make adjustments no problem. Each session will include a live, guided meditation for 10-20 minutes

Free 10 minute consultation

If you would like a free 10 minute chat to discuss your options or ask any questions related to private meditation sessions, feel free to request a 10 minute consultation first. We can discuss your goals and decide what is best for you in terms of private lessons. 


Any 1-hour session: $97/£74

6 x 1-hour sessions (get 1 free) $485/£370

Contact Form

Fill in the contact form below and let me know what kind of sessions you’d like. I’ll get back to you via email and we can arrange a time and day to meet for a free consultation. If you would like to purchase a session, I will send you an invoice for payment after we have spoken. If you have any questions, you can also post them here.

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