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From Restless Meditation to Deep Stillness in 5 Days

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You've spent time in meditation...

But you’ve found it hard to still the mind and go deep into your practice. 

Learning to meditate takes time and discipline. There’s no quick fix. 

But the best start you can get is to learn how to practice effectively. 

Learn how to begin your practice with deep relaxation, find ways to concentrate within your meditation, and then go deep by spending time without techniques. Finally, learn how to end your meditation properly to bring the stillness with you.

This way, you’ll find greater peace, leave behind stress and worry, gain control over thought and emotion, and become your best self. 

This 5-Day Challenge gives you everything you need to start your daily meditation practice. Learn to meditate without wading through piles of confusing and contradictory information.

You’ll get detailed meditation instructions via email every day for the next 5 days. Just click the button below… 

Just imagine...

5-Day Email Challenge



Start by learning a simple body scan to bring our awareness to the inner world and relax the body and mind.



Then begin the practice of using the breath as an object of meditation. This helps us  to concentrate and relax.



Explore the hong-sau mantra to go deeper into the stillness that comes when we concentrate deeply.



 Enjoy the silence and stillness that rise to the surface when we meditate. Dwell in inner peace and joy. 



Learn how to end your meditation practice well so you can bring the inner peace with you into your day. 

What People are Saying


“This 5-Day Challenge is really helpful. I’ve tried meditation before, and my mind keeps going on and on. The first steps in the challenge of body awareness, then the breathing, then the mantra really make a great process. This helps keep my mind clear.”

Kim, San Diego


“This is a really great crash course in meditation. The emails provided detailed guidance on how to meditate effectively.  I liked the challenge of practicing on my own but in a context that was not overwhelming. Each day would build on the previous steps, which made the system easy to remember now that I am practicing independently.”

Jenny, Indiana


“I used to use the ‘so hum’ mantra… I would inhale for ‘so’ and exhale for ‘hum.’ It worked, but I would force the inhale and exhale and I was never too connected to that pattern. With the simple guidance in the 5-day Challenge, magic appeared. With a short amount of time and focusing on the breath, I felt a deep connection.”

Pranav, India 


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