About Me

I help people struggling with drinking learn how to get sober and stay sober using spiritual practices and principles. 

Hey, I'm Nick. Nice to meet you.

I started drinking at 13 years old. It instantly relieved my social anxiety and made me feel powerful, like I could do anything. It helped me escape being me. 

I probably realised it was a problem at University, but I didn’t stop. I drank most days so I didn’t have to face my life or my reality, my thoughts or emotions. 

As time went by, it got worse. I had less and less control over it. I’d try to control my drinking, convince myself I was OK. It’s only now, looking back, that I see how I was seriously not-OK. 

When I started meditating, something shifted. But I didn’t stop drinking until I was 31 years old. It was through my meditation practice, support, and studying my inner world that I was able to get free of the painful cycle of addiction.

And since you’re here, something tells me that maybe you’re ready to quit drinking and bring meditation into your life so you can experience greater peace and happiness.

I want to help you ...

  • Understand the mental trick that alcohol is playing on you
  • See how powerful and dangerous alcohol is
  • Get the support you need (because you can’t do it alone)
  • Learn meditation and spirituality as the antidote to addiction
  • Explore your inner world and learn why you drink and how to stop
  • Confront your emotions and stop trying to drown them

I know that you can do this. When I was drinking, I thought I’d never be able to quit, like I just needed it. It’s only now that I see how completely crazy that is…that I needed a toxic substance just to be OK. 

Here are a few of my beliefs

I believe that….
  • Addiction is a spiritual malady. It is born directly out of spiritual disconnection and so it can be healed once we develop a spiritual practice. 

  • People who are easily addicted make rapid spiritual progress once they are sober. They are looking for the right thing, just in the wrong place. 

  • Once you’re sober, you’ll discover your unique gift and what you can offer to the world. You will find purpose and meaning. 

  • A short (10-15 min) meditation and prayer every day is enough to transform your life.

  • You’re closer than you know to greater happiness and wellbeing. You are just two steps from bliss, but you need to take those steps. Nobody else can take them for you. 
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So what now?

Well, I’ve been sober for 18 months. I’m a certified meditation teacher, and I built this website to help people all over the world find inner peace through sobriety. 

My own days are filled with greater harmony, direction and optimism instead of the worry and anxiety I used to feel. I still have bad days of course – everyone does. But they are few and far between, and I’m far more able to cope with the challenges that come up in life.

I have an amazing wife, Natalie, and two awesome children, Lainey and Bodhi. They help keep me sober. They give me a reason for being the best version of myself I can be. 


Start Here...

To get started, download the free Ultimate Get Sober Cheat Sheet. It will give you some of the tools you need to get started. Then, I’ll send emails now and again about upcoming classes, workshops, and courses. 

Thank you so much for being here. I can’t wait to get to know you 🙂