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About Me

I teach beginner and intermediate meditators how to develop and sustain a spiritual practice for greater happiness, peace and fulfillment. 

Hey, I'm Nick. Nice to meet you.

Whether you just need to relax a little from all the stress of modern life, or you want to build a consistent meditation practice, you have come to the right place.

Since you’re here, something tells me you are ready to bring meditation into your life so you can experience greater peace and happiness.

But maybe you…

  • Have no idea how to meditate
  • Tried meditation a few times, but didn’t keep it going
  • Found it difficult or confusing
  • Feel you need more support or guidance
  • Can’t stop thinking in meditation
  • Can’t motivate yourself to make it a daily practice

We will explore and overcome all of these challenges together.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your meditation journey. The important thing is that you keep trying so you can experience all of the amazing benefits that you probably already know about.

  • You want to quiet that restless mind of yours
  • You want to be free from anxiety so you can experience the joy of life
  • You want to feel greater peace and harmony in your daily living
  • And you are ready to take action

But you are just not sure exactly how to go about it.

Well’ I’ve been exactly where you are, and I’m happy to tell you, it’s easier than you think.

Here are a few of my beliefs

  • I believe you only need to meditate for a short time (5-10 mins) every day to start seeing incredible benefits. You can increase the time later. 
  • I believe it’s pretty simple to find peace and joy in this life as long as we know how to do it.
  • I believe you are closer than you know to greater happiness and wellbeing.
  • I believe you are just two steps from bliss, but you need to take those steps.

How did I get into this?

I was working in Thailand in 2012 after some difficult times. I was feeling pretty lost, confused and anxious about life. Looking back, I think maybe I’d always felt that way!

So I started meditating. Luckily, there were some amazing people I met in Thailand who practiced meditation and supported me. I was pretty amazed with how it temporarily liberated me from the mental noise, the endless thinking.

It was hard at times for sure, frustrating, challenging; but I knew it was worth it so I kept trying, again and again.

I started a small meditation group to help people learn how to meditate and things just grew from there.

So what now?

Now I’ve been practicing every day (well most days) for 7 years. 

I’m a certified meditation teacher, and I built this website to help people all over the world find more peace and happiness in life.

My own days are filled with greater harmony, direction and optimism instead of the worry and anxiety I often used to feel. I still have bad days of course – everyone does. But they are few and far between and I am far more able to cope with the challenges that come up in life.

I specialize in helping people learn how to meditate in simple steps and straightforward language so they can find what they are looking for in life.

I also have an amazing wife, Natalie, and two beautiful children, Lainey and Bodhi. I want to bring my children up in a world where peace and joy are living realities, not just future dreams.

Start here

To get started, download the free meditation starter pack. You’ll receive a how to meditate video, a guided meditation, a how to meditate printout, and a 30-day calendar checklist.  

Then check out the blog posts, and get excited for the online meditation courses, coming soon.

And thanks for being here. It’s great to have you.

“The secret of comfort and joy is to understand that true satisfaction is found not in endless variety, but in inner stillness.”

Swami Kriyananda

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