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Your complete one-to-one guide to experiencing deep relaxation in meditation.

We all need a little help

Welcome my friend,

There have been many times throughout my meditation journey where I felt lost, doubtful and frustrated. While meditation is a relatively simple skill, it does have its share of intricacies and challenges. In fact it can be infuriating at times!

And there’s so much information out there these days that it makes it difficult to know exactly what to do and how to get the most out of our practice. We may not know if we’re doing it right or if we are making any progress at all. A meditation teacher can be invaluable if we really want to improve our practice and feel more confident in our techniques.  

The biggest mistake I made was trying to do it alone. I meditated without support from teachers for years before I realized the importance of having someone to guide me. Now I have teachers who I speak to on a regular basis. 

I offer private meditation sessions via Skype and Zoom for people who are ready to commit to meditation and make it a part of their daily life.

Coaching sessions are for you if...

How it Works

  • Choose which package best suits you. 
  • We’ll meet at a convenient time for one session or on a weekly basis if you choose the ongoing coaching packages. 
  • During the sessions, we discuss your meditation practice and help you to overcome challenges you are facing. You’ll learn how to meditate more deeply and peacefully.
  • There is a main topic each week as the foundation for learning, as you can see in the example session below. But we can discuss any other issues that come up along the way and tailor it to your needs. 
  • After the meeting, I send you an email with extra resources and the audio recording of the session. 

Coaching options

Single Coaching Session - $97

You can choose to go for a single coaching session. This is for you if you’re looking for quick meditation advice, tools, and techniques. It can also be a good starting point and act as a transition into the longer coaching packages. Single classes are $67. Book below. 

3-Week Meditation Coaching - $197

You can also choose to go for a 4-week coaching session. This is for you if you need more intensive support with your meditation, accountability, and ongoing guidance. We’ll cover the basics of meditation practice including relaxation, concentration, and stillness. We’ll also touch on the importance of spirituality and mindfulness. The most popular package. Book below for $197

6-Week Meditation Coaching - $347

Book a double length 8-week meditation coaching package and save $189. This will be the same as the 4-week package but double the length and with extra topics such as energy and devotion. Perfect for spiritual practitioners who need intensive and ongoing support and accountability in building and maintaining their meditation practice.

Astrology Reading - $147

Astrological readings can help us see the patterns that are written in our life at the point of our birth. At that time, the planets were perfectly arranged to give you the karma that you have come here to fulfil. That includes the gifts you were given and the challenges you are here to overcome. By analysing the birth chart, I will help you see what you can do to improve your health, work, relationships, home life, spiritual practice, and more. To book, please contact me via the contact form below, as I’ll need to take your birth details before you make a payment.

Example Timeline

This is an example of a 4-week meditation coaching session for beginners. If you want more advanced sessions, the content will be adapted to your individual needs. 

Week 1: Relaxation

We start by covering the basics of meditation and how we can best prepare for our practice. You will learn about the best way to start your meditation practice including many techniques like body scan, breathing techniques, yoga, and more.

Week 2: Concentration

We then move on to the practice of concentration, the central techniques of meditation. We will explore focusing on the breath, the mind-breath connection, and the all-important hong-sau mantra which will help you focus. 

Week 3: Stillness

In Week 3, we explore what we do towards the end of our meditation practice to deepen the sense of stillness. Sitting in silence, free from techniques, is the most important part of our practice, so we’ll learn how to dive deep. We’ll also discuss visualisation, affirmation, and how to return to your day. 

Week 4: Mindfulness and Daily Life

Finally, we’ll look at what we can do in daily life to increase our chances of success in meditation. The way we live has a direct impact on our state in meditation. Learn about spiritual qualities, dos and don’ts of the spiritual path, and the practice of mindfulness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 You’ll get 1 hour of coaching per session booked, so for a 4 week course, we’ll meet for one hour a week over 4 weeks. You’ll also receive supplementary materials, email support, and audio recordings of the session. 

Whether you are completely new to meditation, or an experienced practitioner who needs some extra support with your practice, coaching can fit your needs. It can be tailored to any level. 

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me after the first session and we can arrange a refund. 

You will receive an email about coaching and we can arrange a convenient time to meet via my online calendar or directly through email. 


Single Meditation Class

For quick advice, tools, and techniques

$ 97 One Time Payment
  • Single Meditation Class

3-Week Coaching

For detailed and ongoing support 

$ 197 One Time Payment
  • 3 meditation classes over 3 weeks

6-Week Coaching

For intensive, ongoing support 

$ 347 One Time Payment
  • 6 meditation classes over 6 weeks

Free Consultation

If you want a free 15 minute consultation to discuss your meditation practice and what options will be best for you, fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.