The Ultimate Get Sober Cheat Sheet

Time to stop....

Learn how to escape the painful cycle of addiction by using meditation, spiritual practices and inner exploration.

Are you ready to ..?

Take control of your life?
When you lose control of your alcohol consumption, it creates unbelievable pain. You know that something isn’t right, and there’s an underlying feeling that you’re not living how you want to live. But you can take back control. 

Get out of the painful cycle of alcohol?
So many of us live a life where we get drunk at the weekend, then feel hungover for the first half of the week. By the time the weekend rolls around, we’ve started to feel alright again and it all starts again. We have to take a giant leap out of the cycle.  

Stop beating yourself up? 
How many times have you woken up with that awful feeling of regret in your stomach, nausea, headache, and horrible anxiety? Then you reprimand yourself for days. Start to be kind to yourself, accept and love yourself.  

Learn how meditation can help you quit drinking?
Meditation is the most powerful tool for helping us understand our lives, our emotions, and our pain. When we go on this journey of transformation and healing, you will know that you don’t need alcohol to escape, destress, or have fun. 

Wake up with joy

This guide will show you how to…

  • Face up to the reality of your situation
  • Explore spirituality as a solution to addiction
  • Find inner peace and self-acceptance in meditation
  • Dig deep into your emotions and fears to uncover the underlying issues
  • Find positive coping strategies and ways to avoid drinking
  • Wake up happy and hangover free

The Ultimate Get Sober Cheat Sheet 

This guide walks you through a list of tips and steps to help you escape the painful cycle of addiction. You deserve to wake up in the morning feeling happy, healthy, and free. Let's begin...