Gradual Vs Direct Spiritual Paths with Chad Foreman

(Deepen your Meditation Podcast)

Gradual Vs Direct Spiritual Paths

With Chad Foreman

On this week’s episode, Chad Foreman from The Way of Meditation spoke about the different paths to Self-realization.

There are direct paths like Advaita Vedanta which teach us that we are already enlightened, and we simply have to find a way to realize that pre-existing truth.

On the other hand, there are gradual paths which require the steady practice of spiritual techniques like meditation, yoga, and chanting as a way to prepare the body and mind for enlightenment.

Chad teaches a reconciliatory blend of these two different methods in his teachings. Find out more by visiting his website:

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  1. James Robertson

    That was really enjoyable, can relate to a lot of what was said. I have some anger issues aswell and the kids can disrupt the peace with me reacting, nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with this. Playing with ones awareness really does open up something within I’ve recently quit smoking also found to quit smoking I also had to quit drinking alcohol.

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