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This episode is inspired by the spiritual counseling course I’m doing with It’s a great course and a big part of it is about how to develop intuition.

Intuition is very important on the spiritual path and in life in general. It helps us to get clarity and figure out the direction in which we should be heading.

It also helps to improve our spiritual practice as we connect with spirit and our highest self.

We can ask people for support and receive guidance from outside. There’s nothing wrong with that. But the best guidance you can receive comes from within.

We can find the answers to all our problems when we calm our minds and access intuition. Think of it as an inner knowing, or soul guidance. It comes from up there, not from the little ego mind.

When we receive intuition, it comes with a feeling of deep peace. It’s not like excitement. It comes with calmness.

It’s about perceiving the truth directly. It comes in at the heart chakra. And we receive this feeling of calm knowing.

Sensory data can mislead us as we spoke about a few weeks ago when we talked about the illusory nature of reality.

But intuition is never wrong. The thing that can be wrong is your ability to access that intuition. You may think that you’ve come up with some deep truth but if you’re not properly in tune, then it may be misleading. The most important thing is that you feel calm.

How intuition works

Intuition exists in everyone. But it tends to remain undeveloped until we know how to use it.

Here’s an example of how intuition has played out in my life:

My wife and I were teaching in China about 10 years ago and we’d had a pretty rough time of it. Let’s say it wasn’t the most pleasant experience we’d ever had.

We weren’t sure where to go next but we knew that we wanted to keep traveling. We were teachers so the world was open to us.

A friend of ours suggested that we should go to Thailand and we were like, “Okay, well, that sounds good. Why not?” We looked online and we found two places called Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat.

This was where most of the jobs seemed to be and for some reason, we felt like we should go with Nakhon Si Thammarat. We didn’t  know why. But we had a feeling for it.

We started to communicate with some of the people who worked in the schools there and a few weeks later, we left China and moved everything to Thailand.

This was one of the most important times of our lives.

It’s where I started to meditate and met many spiritual people. I felt this connection with something beyond the material life that I had been living. See picture above. 

So we’d allowed ourselves to be guided. Instead of overthinking and rationalizing every little decision, we followed our hearts. And we found ourselves in a good place which was important for our growth and spiritual progress.

Intuition - A matter of life and death

how to develop intuition

Now, I’m sure you have examples of intuition in your life. Maybe you had a bad feeling about something that turned out to be bad, or even a good feeling about something.

Nayaswami Diksha told me a story recently, from the course that I’m on.

She said that there was a lady in the US who was going to visit her mother in New York in 2001. And she kept getting this bad feeling, like this guidance that she shouldn’t go.

She booked the flight anyway, but that inner feeling continued. So she decided to follow the guidance and changed her flight to a few days later.

The plane that she was going to get on turned out to be the one which flew into the twin towers on September 11th, 2001!

So here is another example of intuition and how it can be very important in our lives. Her intuition saved her life.

How to develop intuition - The blocks

  • The first thing that might block your intuition is too much reason and analysis. If we overthink and analyze all the time, it will be hard to develop the calmness of mind that’s required.
  • The second block is negative emotions. Self-doubt, anger, fear, resentment, or even excitement can all block our intuition. Because once again, we don’t have enough calmness within to be able to hear the inner guidance.
  • Another block is not enough quiet time. So try not to always be active and doing stuff. Make sure that you also have time to sit in silence, to meditate and enjoy just being.

  • The fourth block is too much sensory input or technology. This is a big one for us these days. If we’re always interacting with technology and social media, it’s going to block our ability to still the mind. 

  • Finally, not being open to change.  Many people are stuck in their ways. And when we’re closed off like that, we close off the heart. Then it’s very hard for any messages to come. We need to open ourselves to new experiences, new ways of thinking. 

Women generally lose their intuition through too much emotion. That is a more common blockage for women. Of course, not all the time. This is a generalisation, but it does tend to be the case.

Whereas men tend to lose their intuition through too much thinking or analysis. This is a general rule, but it can be broken.

How to develop intuition - The Aids

how to develop intuition peace

So let’s take a look at some things which help or aid our intuition to grow.

  • The first one is right attitude, so being humble, positive, and receptive. Having the right, open attitude allows intuition to flow.

  • Second is acceptance and forgiveness. We often fight against our situation. We swim upstream, but we have to try and let go, to embrace our reality as it is, to learn to accept and forgive.

  • Third is non attachment. We should try to be non-attached and allow the world to unfold as it is. Try not to impose your own beliefs, your own views about how things “should” be.
  • Next is to meditate every day. Deep silence every day is one of the most powerful and effective ways to develop intuition.

  • Fifth is solitude and seclusion. Take half a day or a day of seclusion when you can. Be completely still, meditate, write in your journal, and try to avoid using technology. I’ve been on seclusion before and I’ve taken my phone with me. Then I end up half the day looking at my phone. So that’s best to avoid if possible; I’d leave the phone at home if you can.

  • Finally, for our aids to intuition is deep calmness. When you meditate, be sure to go completely quiet at the end of your meditation practice. Try to  enjoy that calmness, that still state at the end of meditation. In that silence, guidance will come.

How to develop intuition - The 3 levels of consciousness

Yogananda teaches that there are three levels of consciousness. There is the subconscious mind, the conscious mind, and finally,  the superconscious.

The subconscious involves our memories. It stores the repeated actions that we’ve done in the past, the thoughts and emotions. And it creates habits through repetition.

You can shift those repeated habits by changing your actions and thoughts. Because the subconscious mind doesn’t have its own beliefs or systems. It’s kind of a storehouse.

If we repeat a positive affirmation every night, our thoughts become more positive. It is easy to train the subconscious.

The conscious mind operates through logic, reason, and thinking. It’s our everyday mind that is ego-centered and it helps us to function in daily life.

Finally, there is the superconscious mind. This is all about attuning with the divine, seeing unity and solutions. It’s related to your highest self and if we develop this faculty, then our intuition develops.

So when we’re connected with super consciousness, it removes fear, restlessness, and anger. It is calm, expansive and joyful.

We can connect in deep meditation and also by lifting the gaze to the point between the eyebrows.

How to develop intuition - step by step

how to develop intuition

So finally, how do we receive this guidance? How do we become more intuitive so we can seek solutions to problems in our life?

1. We need to try to become very calm. We do this by practicing some breathing techniques or a body scan. Then concentrate at the point between the eyebrows.

2. Next, consider a problem which you’re dealing with at the moment. something which is causing you to suffer or causing some difficulties or uncertainty for you. Bring it to mind.

3. Then in the deep calmness, ask a question and send it out from the point between the eyebrows — broadcast it. What action should I take with regards to this situation? Guide me! Ask for guidance with faith and calmness; without thinking, without doubt, or cynicism.

4. As you sit in meditation, listen for a calm response. It usually comes in the heart. Try to be non-attached. You’re not waiting for an answer to come. You’re not thinking too much. Try to be non-emotional. Don’t think of a solution. Just wait for it to come.

5. And if nothing comes, it may come later when you’re out for a walk or even in sleep in your dreams. If no answer comes, continue to keep listening to guidance as you act. Do something and keep listening for corrections. When you do receive guidance, you will receive a very calm feeling. It’s not excited. It’s clear. It’s like an inner knowing. And it’s a peaceful and joyful feeling that this is the right way to go.

How to develop intuition - Your life purpose

When I was in Cyprus about six years ago, I had wanted to be a writer. I was doing a Master’s degree on creative writing at University. I’d always wanted to be a writer or a university professor.

While I was sitting there in meditation in our bedroom in Cyprus, this feeling came over me. Maybe I should be a meditation teacher?!

All these ideas started flowing into my head about how I could create my own website, blog, and help people learn.

I could continue writing, and become a guide for people who were seeking peace in meditation.

And it was this really beautiful,  peaceful feeling. It was very clear. It felt like the truth. So this is an example of how clarity can come through intuition.

I recommend that you write down your question for clarity.

Otherwise you may find that your mind becomes a little rambling and unclear. But if you have the question written down, it helps to project it outwards.

And remember to keep asking the question, keep seeking guidance with trust, and the answer will come.

If you want some homework today, write down a question about a problem or struggle in your life. Then broadcast the question in meditation and try to seek guidance on how to solve this problem.

And please let me know how it goes.

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