Learn about meditation and spirituality in the style best suited to you. Check out all the offerings below.


Quiet Mind - Online Course

Take this complete, self-paced course to learn how to quiet the mind in meditation. It includes 5 modules taking you step-by-step through the meditation process. A fantastic place to start and learn all about the basic techniques of meditation.

Meditation Coaching Online

Private coaching for those who want close support in their practice and added accountability. Perfect for people who are just starting out, or who need to refresh their practice.

Mindful Sobriety Coaching

Learn how to quit drinking in this amazing 4-week coaching program. Mindful Sobriety gives you a complete system to wave goodbye to negative habits like drinking. 

Astrology Readings

Get a full 1-hour astrological reading to learn about your life path, and personal karma in this incarnation. If you are interested in a reading, simply use the form below to send me a message and we will arrange it. Readings cost £97