Simple Stillness


What if you could build a daily meditation practice in just 4 weeks with a simple, step-by-step system? Find greater inner-peace and freedom from stress and worry in just 10-15 minutes a day.

Does this sound like you?

You want to find more peace and joy in your life and leave behind stress and worry. 

You want greater control over your restless thoughts and turbulent emotions.

You want to become your best self because you know how much potential you have.

You want to learn to meditate without wading through piles of confusing and contradictory information.

You want to build your own practice so you don’t have to depend on meditation apps and guided meditations. 

You feel it is hard to find the time to meditate in your busy life.


I was in your shoes not long ago

I used to feel stressed out and worried on a daily basis. I felt like life was passing me by and I wasn’t connected to my true purpose. Basically, I wanted to become a better version of myself and I knew it was possible – I just wasn’t sure how. 

Then I heard all the hype about meditation. I wanted to learn how to meditate, but had no idea where to start or how to do it. Did I have to go and spend a year in the Himalayas or watch excruciating lectures by Buddhist monks? I found so many excuses to avoid practicing because it seemed like it was just an extra chore to add to the long list. 

Eventually, I started meditating, but I would only meditate once or twice a week. I would try really hard to still my mind but got nowhere, then became frustrated and decided I was not cut out for meditation.


But then something shifted

A few years ago, I realized for the first time how simple meditation really is and how important it is to sit every day. After I started sitting for just a short time every day, I began to notice real change in my life. 

I began to feel more peaceful on a daily basis, almost like I was on some sort of medication. I became more peaceful, less reactive to things that annoyed or upset me, more confident and courageous, less attached to outcomes, and more free from mental restlessness. And there were no side effects at all! 

Now, you can learn how to get there in just a few weeks. 

Just imagine...

Simple Stillness

Simple stillness is a 4-week mini-course designed to help you build a meditation habit into your daily routine. The goal is to help you become an independent meditator so you can eventually practice without the aid of apps or guided meditations. You will practice a guided meditation for two or three days each week, and then practice on your own for the rest of the week to build your independence.

I’ve discovered the best strategies to build a successful meditation practice. I went through so much information, explored so many different traditions, and found the techniques that are the most simple and effective in transforming your life.

Save yourself the time of wading through all the information out there – trust me: I spent five years doing that.

In this mini-course, you’ll be introduced to the same system which helped me turn my life around. I went from stressed to serene; from confused to clear-minded; from lethargic to lively; from afraid to abundant and from cautious to courageous. 

Are you ready to do the same? 

Course Curriculum



Start by learning a simple body scan to bring our awareness to the inner world and relax the body and mind.



Then begin the practice of using the breath as an object of meditation. This helps us  to concentrate and relax.



Explore the hong-sau mantra to go deeper into the stillness that comes when we concentrate deeply.



End by enjoying the silence and stillness that rise to the surface when we meditate. Dwell in inner peace and joy. 

What's included in this mini-course?

Hey, I'm Nick

Meditation has changed my life on so many levels and formed the person I am today. 10 years ago, I felt mostly anxious or annoyed and spent my time drinking and complaining about the state of the world. 

But when I truly embraced my meditation practice, everything began to shift. Slowly, the pain and the worry dissolved and the positive qualities in me began to emerge: kindness, clarity, purpose and peace. 

I am now living a life I love. I have a beautiful family, and feel positive, hopeful and calm as I go about my days. I am inviting you to do the same.

I am a certified meditation teacher and help people all over the world find greater happiness, peace and wellbeing. 

What to expect from me

Real Teacher

Knowledge of education grounded in 8 years of professional teaching experience.

Real Practice

Not just theory, but giving you the practical experience to move from guided meditation to independent practice.

Real Interaction

Not just a guided meditation or app but a genuine human connection built through support and email.

Real Evidence

Teachings grounded in ancient, Yogic traditions and supported by modern scientific evidence.

Real Talk

Spiritual practices and ideas delivered in simple language with clarity and total honesty.

Real Structure

Delivering a structured meditation practice, broken down into separate stages in a proven step-by-step system.

Frequently asked questions


Each week you get a 10-15 minute guided meditation, written instructions, a quiz and a journal exercise. You’ll also get a 4-week calendar checklist to check off every day you meditate. 


This course is for beginners or people who have not yet built a daily meditation practice. If you are an advanced meditator or if you already meditate every day, then this course may be a little basic for you, but feel free to give it a go if you think it will be beneficial.


You need just 10-15 minutes a day for the meditation and on top of that about 15 minutes a week to complete the reading assignment, quiz and journal exercises. 


You can access this course forever from the time you purchase. But for best results, try to complete the course within  4 weeks from when you start


Everything is located in Teachable, a user-friendly platform that houses all of the content. You will have immediate access to everything, but try to follow the 4-week course structure and avoid the temptation to skip ahead.


Each week, you’ll have written instructions to read and a guided meditation for that week. Practice the guided meditation for two or three of the days, then try and practice on your own. We are trying to get you to practice independently, so you don’t need to depend on apps and guided meditations. After that, do the quiz, journal exercise and check off your calendar.


Yes, if you feel you are not satisfied with the course, you can request a full refund within 30 days. You will just need to write to me outlining your reasons and confirm that you have completed the 4 weeks.


There is currently a special offer on this mini-course. It is temporarily reduced to $17 from $47. It will be going back up to the original price soon, so grab it now while it is reduced. 

Simple Stillness

Meditation Mini Course
$ 17 One Time Payment
  • 4 Guided meditations
  • 4 Weekly instructions
  • 4 Weekly quizzes
  • 4 Journal exercises
  • 4 weeks of email support
  • 4- week calendar checklist

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