Spiritual Counselling

Get support and find spiritual solutions for specific issues in your life. 

Spiritual Counselling

Welcome my friend,

If you’re struggling with a specific issue in your life and looking for ways to figure out how to move forward, spiritual counselling may be for you . 

Sometimes we get stuck in our problems. It’s almost like they are bigger than us and we can’t see how to move beyond them. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective. 

This is not sitting and getting lectured or listening to me telling you what to do. It’s a friendly chat to try and help you gain some clarity on your issue so you can find your own solutions. 

It is also not psychotherapy. We won’t be trying to fix you or dig into your past to find out what’s “wrong” with you. We’ll simply start where we are and see if we can move forward.

Most of all, this is about trying to help you find your own solutions, but there will be some suggestions where appropriate.

Life is such a complicated interplay of different feelings, thoughts, and actions. It can feel like an impossible juggling act. It’s so tricky to balance everything. As soon as one problem is overcome, another one comes along. 

Well that’s life. 

The trick is to find ways to work through your challenges instead of getting stuck in them. 

We want to move forward. 

Some issues you may want to discuss

How it Works

  • Click the enroll now button below to sign up for a 1 hour consultation
  • I’ll email you shortly afterwards to arrange a convenient time
  • During the session, we’ll discuss the issue and help you reframe the way you think about the issue
  • We will try to find some appropriate suggestions and solutions  
  • After the meeting, I’ll send you an email with any extra resources and the audio recording of the session


50% Discount

Early Bird Price - $49

Spiritual counselling is designed for those who have specific issues in their lives that they need support with. it could be that you’re struggling with anxiety, addiction, grief, or any other challenge. We’ll try to find solutions not by thinking about the problem, but by going inward into inner peace where our intuition can help us to overcome challenges. Simply book a session below, and I’ll be in touch to arrange a time. Sessions are usually $97 but for early birds they will get a 50% discount.

Single Counseling Class

For support with life challenges

$ 49 One Time Payment
  • Single Counselling Session