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Meditation is the most powerful tool available for letting go of stress, worry, and overthinking, and living more in tune with your highest self: deep peace and joy. Here’s how you can instantly improve your practice.

If you’re ready to join a community of spiritual practitioners and commit to your meditation practice, come and join us for a weekly 1-hour guided meditation on Zoom. 

We’ll start with a short talk, have a guided meditation for about 40 minutes, and leave some time at the end for questions and answers. 

You’ll get…

  • Guided group meditation once a week
  • Recording of the meditation
  • Ongoing email support
  • 10% discount on new products and services
We meet on Wednesdays at 11AM Eastern Time. That is 8AM Pacific Time and 4PM in the UK. You’ll also receive the recording every week. 
Once you sign up, you’ll get the Zoom link, and can immediately join the next group meditation. Not long left until the discount disappears….

Does this sound like you...?

  • You’ve dabbled with meditation but you’re ready to make it a daily commitment.
  • You want to be a part of a community of meditation practitioners who can help you with your practice 
  • You’re willing to be accountable and take it seriously.
  • You’re ready to build the consistent habit of meditation in your life
  • You’re ready to take your practice to the next level
  • You want to overcome obstacles and get answers to questions that come up. 

If this sounds like you, come and join us for a group guided meditation every week on Wednesday. 


Imagine being able to meditate so that….

    • Your mind stops its incessant Shakesperean Monologue á la Hamlet
    • You stop worrying about the little, irrelevant things that don’t matter
    • You stop stressing over what other people think
    • You learn to control the habits which keep you imprisoned
    • People wonder how you got so calm and unruffled
    • You start to realize the truth of who you really are

Topics we'll cover

We’ll delve into a new topic each week. Here are just a few of the topics we’ll discuss in our sessions, plus so much more. Each week has a new topic and a short talk before we start the guided practice. 


Get the tools you need to calm the mind and meditate more deeply.


Stop battling through frustrating and restless meditations and learn to practice (and live) with joy.


Learn a step-by-step system for how to meditate from start to finish.


Live from a centre of inner peace and stop getting lost in worry, stress, and fear.


Gain control over your reactions and respond with calmness instead.


Learn how to relax deeply even when times are hard and you feel like you're losing control.

About Me

Hey, I’m Nick. I help beginner and intermediate spiritual practitioners learn how to meditate and follow the spiritual path in simple steps and straightforward language. 

I started meditating in 2012 after some difficult times. Meditation was hard but I knew from the start that it could change my life on so many levels. I had my fair share of challenges (and still do to some extent), but over time, it was so awesome to see the transformation that took place within me. 

A few years ago, I became a certified meditation teacher and later started Two Steps From Bliss. Since the site was released in 2018, it has grown its fan base and attracts over 1000 visitors per month. I’m pretty proud of it and it’s been super helpful to a lot of people. 

Why Join this Community

You’ve probably read about many of the benefits of meditation: improved focus, creativity, relationships, sleep, general wellbeing; also reduced stress, worry, anxiety, depression and pain.

But here are a few of the things you might experience that people don’t talk about so often:

  1. You’re more able to cope with challenges and difficult emotions.

  2. You find that certain habits start to fall away: smoking, drinking, eating meat, drinking coffee, laziness etc. The suffering that these things cause becomes painfully apparent.

  3. You become more sensitive and in touch with your emotions. Of course this is both good and bad. Suffering can intensify in a certain regard but you are becoming free from negative habits, beliefs, and thoughts.

  4. You live less in a state of self-deception and more in a state of awareness. The issues in your life come to the surface, so they are harder to hide from. Your flaws are held up in front of your eyes and this (eventually) brings freedom.

  5. People may be more drawn to you as a guide, someone to come to for advice.

  6. You experience more intuition and synchronicity. Strange occurrences are accompanied by the sense that something significant is going on. Or you may be drawn to a certain place, or a certain person.

  7. You’re more driven and clear about what you want to do with you life.

  8. You find it easier to be present in daily life so that your life becomes your meditation. You’re more likely to come back to the present moment throughout the day.

  9. You are less attached to things that used to worry you. The worry still comes, but then you realize it’s no big deal and that you can cope with whatever it is. You no longer get lost in the story of the mind.

  10. You begin to realize that life is not as real as you once thought it was. It begins to feel more like a dream, fragments woven together with the fragile strings of memory. And you know that you can wake up, and when you do, the feeling will be bliss.




Nick’s teaching is really helpful. I’ve tried meditation before and my mind keeps going on and on. I love the step-by-step approach, the body awareness, the breathing, and then the mantra really makes such a great process. This all helps to keep my mind clear. 

Kim, San Diego


Two Steps from Bliss is an approachable program. It makes me feel more positive about my ability to maintain a meditation practice. Nick provides a variety of resources to help me incorporate the simple steps into my life. His work is full of thoughtful information, and the videos and site have a personable feel. I’m now so excited to move forward with meditation.

Jenny, Indiana


There are so many platforms to learn where to begin meditation and how to develop, but that can be very overwhelming which defeats the object of trying to slow down! I’ve found that the way Nick has designed his teaching method is perfect for everyone. It’s informative, interesting and easy to digest. I can’t wait to push forward and evolve my own abilities at a comfortable pace.

Jonny, St. Albans

Frequently Asked Questions

 You’ll get a live guided meditation once a week on Zoom, the recording, ongoing email support, and a 10% discount on all new courses and services. 

We’ll be meeting together on Zoom live every week. I’m here with you directly supporting you and answering your questions. When you watch videos, you do it alone. Here you’ll be part of a group with accountability, community, and ongoing support. Almost everyone thinks they can do it alone, until they realize they can’t. I went 4 years without a community; don’t put yourself through it. 

This community is for people who are from beginner to intermediate level. The main thing is that you feel you need support with your practice. Even if you’re advanced and want the community support, you are welcome to join. 

I teach meditation as taught by my Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. He was an Indian spiritual master who came to America in the 1920s and shared the teachings of yoga with the west. This style of meditation is highly systematic and scientific, using breath and energy control techniques to enter deeper states of consciousness. 

You will be sent the Zoom link via email. Just copy the URL or you can enter the meeting information into Zoom with ID and password. 

You can reach out to me anytime. During the sessions, we’ll have time for any questions and answers that you have. Try to think of questions in advance that come up during the week. 

You can stop paying at any time. You aren’t required to commit to anything. You could do one month and then stop if you chose to. But I’d like to think you’ll stick around 🙂



Weekly Guided Meditation

Join the Community
$ 25 Monthly Payment
  • Weekly guided meditation
  • Recording of each meditation
  • Email support
  • 10% Discount on all new products